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Sho'hana Kari's Memorial by kbarlover Sho'hana Kari's Memorial by kbarlover
She fights back the tears that betray her inner grief. A slave her entire life, the sharp emotions are as alien as her exotic appearance.

He was a warrior, just passing through, but he dropped his previous intents when he saw her on the market pedestal. Instead of mocking her helpless condition, or renting her for a night of pleasure, he channeled a rage she had only heard stories about. His terrible vibrosword cut through the slaver's ranks, his beskar protecting him from injury as he shrugged through blows that should have ripped him in half.

The ship landed beside them, summoned by comlink. He'd thrust her onto the loading ramp, and turned to buy her some time when the snipers opened fire. He died instantly, a slug ricocheting off his upper chest armor and driving beneath his helmet. Horrified, she'd dragged him into the ship and his friends had lifted off.

He gave his life. Now she'll live for him. She wears his shoulder armor to immortalize him as she stands over his simple memorial. Mandolorians have no use for funerals, the body lies elsewhere. But his helmet and sword will stay here, so she can return when she's finished.

For now Sho'hana has more than life. She has a purpose. His name is now hers--Kari--and she will not rest till her work is done.

She's going to return to Tatooine. She's going to find the slavers, the gangsters who financed the slavers, and the snipers who were employed by both.

And she's going to kill them.
LaughingProphet Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Not dead. Merely marching away.
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February 25, 2011
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